Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog 10!!!

      In this class i was able to learn about TS'CD. This will help me with future writtings. I am able to apply this to mostly every paper that I will write from here on. The jingle is very catchy and is something that I will remember and it will help me write papers that will flow more easily.
      I learned the difference between MLA and APA. Though these are different styles of writting they are the most commonly used. The website that was provided to us was very helpful to use when completing papers.
      I learned that a great method I can use to make my papers longer are using old information new information. But what I will remember the most about this class is to never use "YOU"  as a way to get my point across because it offends my audience and there are many other words I can use to substite YOU.

Blog #9

      After reading the class objectives I was able to comprehend the aritcles that were handed out in class. With what I learned in class I was able to learn how to connect with my audience and not use the work "you" to offend the reader.  By using drafts I could revise my work more easily, and the work of others and recive better feed back. The topic sentence in very important in order to engagewith topic in hand. Research is the war to inform and educate about the paper which came in  handy while writting my papers. Selecting what was the most important information to write about was also something I learned. Where before I would write about many things that were irrelevent to my topic selecting specific things help me stay on track more. Overall the course objectives helped me become a better writter, to not always be scared to free write and then go back and do my edits ,and that writting does not have to be as hard as I always try to make it.

Blog #8

 My paper is going good. I had gathered a lot of information and now im just working and making it my own, simplifying and writting about the more important information to me. I would say that im having the most trouble with citation in text. I have researched how to do it properly and according to the writting format it is correct, however, it still looks wrong to me. Hopefully im doing it right.

Blog #7

      What do I think humor is? When I think of humor I think of people that make me laugh and funny movies. Humor to me is not just something that makes me laugh out loud, its also anything that can make me laugh in my head. The article cocain although it was a serious matter in a stupid kind of way it was funny. It was funny because he got set up in an obvious way that he shouldve known.
      When I think style the first thing that comes to mind are clothing, jewelry, and make-up. The way people express themselves physically. Style to me is a form of expression and how a person can become very unique based on ones style.

blog #6

      Although I very much liked this movie I found it very difficult to write a critical analysis on it. I had trouble putting my thoughts in writting. Even though when discussing the movie with others I  had a lot to say when it came down writting it I wasnt sure what approach to take.
            I feel that all the male characters in the movie although in very different situations all were immature. To me this just kinda shows how women always mature faster than men. What I wouldve liked is to have had my thoughts more gathered and not have questioned so much my approaches in order to have completed this paper.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog #2

I had a difficult time with the diagnostic essay.  I had a writers block and did not know how to start what to write and how to finish. It had been a while since the last time I wrote an essay. If I could redo the assignment I would start everything from scratch. After the reading I was able to jog my memory as well as get better tips on how to do a paper.  I think what my problem was is not understanding what the question to be answered was. By me  not understanding the question I was not able to brainstorm ideas to create a concrete paper. I would of taken more time if I could to redo the paper. I like to write as long as I am knowledgeable about the subject.  I like to do research on the topic before beginning. I also enjoy free writing.  Once I start to write about anything it helps me to develop my ideas. For me it helps when I read out load to someone and helps me correct mistakes that I might of missed.  I think these attributes are what make me a good writer but there is always  room for improvement. The fact that I keep a journal helps me to be a better writer as well. Feed back is necessary so I can correct my mistakes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog #3

The informal summery that we worked on groups help me to rethink the way I think. During the first week of class when we were asked if we like working in groups I immediately answered no.  I did not like working in groups. Part of this had to do with the fact most of the time I was stuck doing most of the work. It was also hard to put peoples opinion into one. And I hated thinking about how we were going to start the paper. Diving the work never seemed to work. But not this time. Though there were only 2 of us we were able to complete the assignment easily.  We both were prepare with our part of the summery. It was not as hard to unite our ideas. Out writing styles were a little different but by reading it out loud we were able to make the essay flow. It good working with another person. It helped to develop ideas that  I was thinking out into paper. I guess it all depends on the person and how much effort they put into the assignment. Compare to the objective summery, I was able just to compose my paper with out worried how my partners paper would integrate with mine.  I was also able to work at my own pace and did not have to come up with a time to meet up and work around some else schedule. But in the future I would like to work in a group again.